The NECC schedules to undertake field investigations in Kakamega, Kisumu,Siaya, Vihiga and Kisii counties as from Wednesday, 15th Feb 2017 to Saturday, 25th Feb 2016. This is aimed at addressing the complaints received from various localities thus achieve a clean and healthy environment.

No. Location Nature of complaint
1. Rostaman Area, Kakamega County Air pollution from gold mining activities
2. Koyonzo Market, Kakamega County Noise pollution and vibrations occasioned by video shops, shops for hiring disco equipment, briefcase preachers and freelance churches.
3. Lake Victoria, Kisumu County Water hyacinth menace, siltation, pollution and degradation of lake victoria
4. Kisumu Town, Kisumu County Discharge of untreated effluent into lake Victoria by industries
5. Kisumu town, Kisumu County Poor waste management at Kachok dumpsite
6. Kajulu, Mamboleo, Kisumu County Unregulated quarrying activities causing loud noise and vibrations
7. Maseno Township, Kisumu County Deterioration of the area around Maseno University due to lack of litter bins
8. Maseno Town,Kisumu County Poor solid waste disposal at Maseno Town
9. Got Ramogi Forest, Siaya County Illegal logging and charcoal burning activities at Got Ramogi Forest
10. Vihiga county Illegal logging and charcoal burning activities at Kibiri forest
11. Kisii Town, Kisii County Poor solid waste management at and improper siting of a dumpsite
12. Suneka, Kisii County Discharge of untreated sewage into River Riana from Suneka Treatment Plant