The entire NECC fraternity was privileged to be trained on various matters pertaining their daily social and professional lives from 19th to 25th November 2017. Various experienced professionals from the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, Kenya Meteorological Department, Kenya School of Government, Council of Governors, Department of Remote Sensing and Resource Survey, National Environmental Management Authority and EACC trained the staff of NECC on various issues including;

  • Integrity and leadership
  • Legal perspective of Environmental Management and Public Interest Litigation
  • Linkages between stakeholders and mainstream government administration
  • Introduction to Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Environmental Investigations, Compliance and Enforcement
  • Personal Financial Management
  • Code of conduct in Government employment and Performance Contracting
  • Report writing
  • HIV/AIDS and Drug Abuse

The training was officially opened by Dr. Kaudia(Environment Secretary) on behalf of Dr. Charles Sunkuli(Permanent Secretary; Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources) .He commended NECC for its support of the plastic bag ban that was vital in achieving a clean and safe environment. He also urged NECC to expand its source of funding and implement all the Public Service Regulations.

Training was finalized by fun team building activities that gave the NECC team an opportunity to get to know the committee members and mingle amongst themselves and was closed by Ms. Caroline Khasoa(NECC member) on behalf of Dr. Charles Sunkuli.